PlayStation Experience Once Again Does not Disappoint!

Last year I was blown away by what was shown at the PlayStation Experience 2015. PlayStation is a stalwart and strong beast that releases superb games and I was thoroughly impressed. With 40+games shown off there was so much to take in.

The whole event started with a trailer that honestly I was only half sure of what it was. Starting this off with a spin off to Uncharted is just a fantastic move. Playing as Chloe Frazer looks like it will be a blast and it is great the Uncharted series is continuing.

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite was also shown highlighting a fight between Ryu and MegaMan X against Captain Marvel and Iron Man. Very interesting seeing Captain Marvel and Iron Man working together after their recent civil war. This game looks to be a 2v2 game and should have a pretty great line up. Do wonder who the big bad is though.

Crash is back in N Sane Trilogy Remastered. Our beloved marsupial has been away but has recently been revitalized and these games look amazing. Excited to collect Wampa Fruit and Battle Dr.Neo Cortex once again.It is really nice to see such a classic series revitalized, hopefully Spyro’s classic adventures are next!

The Last of Us 2 was also announced with an older Ellie ready to take on the world. Surprisingly enough Joel is also back.

Nier Automata is coming and looks like a solid JRPG.

Ni No Kuni 2 The Revenant Kingdom looks just as amazing as the first one. Still retainin a ghibli-esque style even though the famed studio didn’t have a thing to do with this game. Can’t wait to see more of this game!

Resident Evil Biohazard was shown off and the demo was updated once more.

Windjammers a classic Frisbee game is coming back to the Playstation and looks just like it did in the past. But this time it has online functionality, something it could have never had before.

Destiny is bringing back Sparrow racing

Knack 2 is coming out and looks just as fun as the first with Co-op as well!

Akuma’s return in Street Fighter V and 5 more new characters to come.

Let it Die is Free on the PSN store and is a vicious Dark Souls-esque game by Side 51.

Parapa the Rappa is coming back as are Patapon and Locoroco

Horizon Zero Dawn also got a sweeping trailer that showed off the different locales Alloy will traverse. Plus it showed many of the machines Alloy will have to take down and hunt.


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