Regular Show In Space S8 E23 ‘No Train No Gain’

Evil Pops has just gotten Noodles and he can’t find Pops or humorously the special sauce for his noodles. Anti Pops is vicious and powerful stronger than a five star rating system.

Pops is such a weak man because he is so childlike. He doesn’t want to do much of anything to destroy things. The sensei wants to do a training montage to train Pops.

Pops fails miserably at all tasks put before him, is he really the hero the universe needs? The montage technique eventually works and he does get stronger naturally. But the song for the montage begins to wear on the gang.

How could anyone listen to such a song over and over. Mordecai and Right change the song and pops grows stronger far quicker. Soon enough  though Mordecai and Rigby  get stuck in the montage and need to stop the music within it.

Pop’s power is soon uncontrollable and that could spell the end of the park. Quite humorous when they are thrown into the void and all film effects are added. I enjoy how many interesting ideas flow through this show it really is anything but regular.

In the void they have no idea where the boom box is but soon Benson is able to press the button.Pops is ready for whatever Anti-Pops is going to throw at him. I can’t wait to see Pops face Anti-Pops!

A fantastic episode filled with fourth wall breaking in regard to how montages are filmed. Just a solid story in this final season. It is good to see Pops become this legendary hero when he has been so weak this whole time.


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