Toonami is getting a little more Super in 2017!

Toonami the amazing block on CartoonNetwork is always a treat to watch. This block made by people for the the fans and themselves is the best.

The line up is constantly changing and that is a good thing. When one show ends it’s usually followed pretty quickly by a new show.

This coming January on the 7th, three shows are coming! First is Dragon Ball Z Kai the Final Chapters which has never been seen on American TV. This will cover the Buu saga which is a fantastic saga in the series.

Image result for Dragon Ball Z Kai final Chapter

They have also acquired the rights to Dragon Ball Z Super the true continuation of Dragon Ball Z. After the previous sequel series GT failed this will be legendary. All of the original voice actors are back in the Dub which is premiering on Toonami!

Image result for Dragon Ball Super

Also joining the block after Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans finishes it’s run is another Gundam series! Yes that is right Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is taking over. The universe will once be saved by the Gundam!

Toonami is looking to get better and better so keep watching. Tom  and Sara are ready to fly the Vindication into the great world of amazing Anime and Cartoons!

Look forward for these shows to premiere on January 7th, 2017! As always keep checking back on for all your Pop culture news!


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