Doctor Who: The Rescue; William Hartnell years


Welcome Back!!

When we last left the heroes, poor Ian was holding on for dear life at the edge of the cave, while the scared Sow holds on to the rope crying out for help!




Ian’s fingers slipping from the rocks, just before he looses grip another Sow grabs Ian just before he falls too. As they struggle to hold on, they realize they can’t do this alone. Then the scared Sow hanging from the rope below cuts the line and falls do his death. Ian and the other Sow at the top are in shock.


Back in the City, the Doctor and Susan are arguing with the Dalek’s about their reasoning to destroy the Sows. “We wish to escape captivity, go out and rebuild Scarrow.” States the Dalek. The Doctor is mortified at the response of the Daleks. He can’t believe they would kill the race of the Sows.


The heroes back in the cave realize that there is no way out. The Sows are feeling hopeless at this point. Ian tries to push them further but the Sows are reluctant and feel they should have listened to the scared Sow who lost his life. Then Ian realizes that there is light coming into the cave. He follows the source to a small opening. He pulls away a couple of loose rocks and finds they have made it to the City. (The image that flashes on the screen at this moment looks like a drawing) Ian is excited they have made their way through.


Back in the swamp, Aladon believes the Doctor and Susan may have been captured. He encourages the others that now is the time to fight.


The Daleks are getting ready to distribute the radiation. The Doctor then decides to try one last reasoning chip, he throws in the TARDIS. He informs the Daleks that his ship has the ability to break the space-time barrier. “You are not capable to create such technology.” States the Dalek. The Doctor continues on to prove that he owns such a machine. His example being the piece of the ship that was taken from Ian by the Daleks earlier. The Dalek is interested, but decides that after they bomb the city, they will go and find the TARDIS without the Doctor and use it as well. Another Dalek chimes in, “Movement has been detected inside the city walls.” The Dalek decides to start an alert.

Susan and the Doctor are relieved.


Ian, Barbara and the Sows slowly make their way through the corridors of the city, when they almost run into a Dalek. They hide back until the Dalek passes then continue on.


The Daleks in the control room where the doctor and Susan are now are monitoring the other heroes as they sneak through the halls, but then Ian sees the camera and breaks it so they can no longer we spied on. The Daleks are not concerned with the intruders since the final stages of the operation are just about complete.


Ian and the others continue their way, when they run into Aladon! Ian informs Aladon that the Daleks know of their presents in the city. They can hear the calls over the intercom alerting the other Daleks to the intruders. The doors behind them and in front are being seeled off! Just before the second door closes Ian is able to stop it. Barbara tries to slip through the opening.


The Daleks realize the door is being jammed and try to increase the power in hopes to close the Heroes in.


Barbara is trapped under the metal door now; the others rush over trying to help Ian to keep the door from cutting her in two. Thankfully they are able to stop the door from crushing her and she slips out. Aladon slips out behind her.


Back at the controls, the Daleks are counting down the time till the neutron bomb drops, which is in about 37 seconds.


The heroes struggle with the door still, but are getting the others out from the trap. Aladon is on the other side helping to hold it open until they are all free.


Back in the control room, the Daleks continue their countdown. “27, 26, 25…” The Doctor and Susan look as if all hope is lost. Then in the distance, Ian and the others have found their way to the control room. They sneak past the other Dalek’s undetected and make it to the Doctor and Susan. Barbara throws a rock from the hallway at a Dalek to distract them from Ian and the others. This alerts the Dalek and he makes chase after her. As he follows down the hall, Susan and another Sow jump him. They are now fighting the Daleks, (this part was hard to figure out what was going on here. The effect of the heroes being shot was the whole screening looking disoriented in black and white.) The heroes were victorious against the Daleks. “We must go quickly before they leak the radiation into the air.” States the Doctor to Ian. “We cut the source to their power! LOOK!” Exclaims Ian as he pushes a Dalek with his foot and the creature/machine slides away, unable to control its hardware anymore. The Doctor watches and realizes the bomb is of no threat anymore. Aladon realizes that the war is finished. “500 years are now at end.” The heroes leave the city, beaten and victorious. Yet the Sows don’t feel that this was a victory….


Back in the forest, there is a big metal wire thing that one of the Sows is examining. “This is what they call a compensator my friend.” States the Doctor to the Sow as he approaches. “Which is?” asks the Sow, “The hole of it, get rid of it, its useless.” Continues the Doctor. “We don’t really know where you come from…” States the Sow. “You are able to build a whole new world…” The Doctor goes on, ignoring the statement of the Sow. The Sow insists that the Doctor and the others stay and help rebuild, but the Doctor declines. He then gives some ideas on how they can rebuild. “Who knows, I may come visit your grandchildren and see what they have discovered.” Susan joins the others with a cloak on her shoulders. She is happy with the gift given from Aladon. The heroes say their goodbyes and make their way into the ship. Barbara is the last to go in. It seems that one of the Sows has grown sweet on her, and kisses her good bye. Once Barbara is in the ship, the doors close and the ship disappears.


The Heroes are now happy to make the journey home, but suddenly there is a loud bang, the heroes fall and the ship goes dark…..



The next episode: The Edge of Destruction.   ^_^    beautyplus_20160925102305_fast


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