Doctor Who: New Return of Doctor Mysterio Trailer Released


A new trailer for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio has been released:

Lasting only thirty seconds, the trailer doesn’t reveal a great deal but it’s nice to see new footage of the Christmas Special all the same. There’s a mysterious spaceship above the Earth that likely belongs to the episode’s brain-swapping aliens and lots of homages to the 1978 Superman film (The Ghost (Justin ChatwinDragonball Evolution) flying with investigative reporter Lucy Fletcher (Charity WakefieldWolf Hall), for instance) – not surprising given that Steven Moffat is a self-proclaimed fan of Superman/Clark Kent– but otherwise there’s nothing particularly noteworthy.

This year’s Christmas Special sees the return of Matt Lucas (Little Britain) as Nardole, alongside Peter Capaldi‘s (The Thick of It12th Doctor. The Return of Doctor Mysterio also stars Tomiwa Edun (Death In Paradise) as Mr BrockLogan Hoffman as Young GrantAleksandr Jovanovic (Tempel) as Doctor Sim and Lee Kemp (Sherlock) as a journalist.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio returns on Christmas Day at 5:45pm, with Series 10 following in April 2017.

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