My Top Ten Comic Series of 2016


It is that time of the year where every site comes out with their top lists. I’m not usually a fan of them, but I thought I could do a few. I promise not to go overboard, should be keeping it to 2 and I’m done.

These comics were either launched in 2016 or have been ongoing for a little bit, this includes indie and the big two. This just my personal opinion based on what I was able to read this year. I have not had a chance to read a lot of great titles, unfortunately.



10. Croak (Alterna Comics)

While Corak starts off as a typical horror scenario of 3 friends driving out into the middle of nowhere in the wilderness for camping. It changes into something from than what you expected. It’s a great mini horror series. Available on Comixology


9. Blood & Gourd (self-published Dead Peasant)

A horror story based in Olympia, Washington at the local fair. There are human eating pumpkins in it. The art is great and the writing good as well. While there is a good gap between issues and only 2 currently out (which are both good), the first issue is available on Comixology. You can also pick up the digital and print versions of Issues 1 & 2 here


8. Wretches (self-published)

Synopsis from

Wretches, at its core, is a story about family, sacrifice, and loss. Siblings, Shea and Sean, were forced to grow up on the streets of an alien city, far from the lifeless planet they’d once called home. After all, they’d been through they share a special bond, even if the teasing and snarky comments they throw each other’s way suggest otherwise. Now, all grown up, they capture other beings for the promise of reward – specialising in hunting the robots they’d once shared their home planet with. 

Still suffering emotionally from the loss of everything they’d ever known and loved, Shea and Sean have nothing else in the universe but each other. Once one of them is kidnapped, the other will tear the entire galaxy apart until they are finally reunited.

Wretches is an excellent Sci-fi comic with good art and good dialogue. Issue #2 was just successfully funded on Kickstarter and should be available to the public sometime in the early new year.


7. I Hate Fairyland (image)

Skottie Young is best know for is Marvel baby variant covers. I Hate Fairyland marks the first time Young has written and drawn a creator-owned comic. It’s a hilarious, vulgar and violent story that makes fun of and changes traditional fairytale tropes. The series is currently ongoing with volumes one and two now available in trade paperback.


6. The Punisher  (2016) (Marvel)

Becky Cloonan is a very talented artist and has been showing off her impressive writing skills as well, particularly in The Punisher. Becky is one of the few and (to the best of my knowledge) might be the only female to write a Punisher comic series. She nailed it from the start with Frank Castle killing drug dealers and other criminals in brutal ways with next to nothing said by Castle. She collaborated with artist Steve Dillion (co-creator of Preacher) who is no stranger to drawing The Punisher. Sadly Steve Passed away in October this year at the age of 54. Pick up this series you won’t regret it.


5. Thunderbolts (Marvel)

I had never read a Thunderbolts comic until this year. I gave it a chance mainly due to writer Jim Zub and Jon Malin‘s excellent cover for issue #1. I enjoyed it a lot despite knowing only bits and pieces of the history of the Thunderbolts I was able to follow the story with zero confusion. The characters are great individually and when they are together. They are a team that isn’t sure whether they are good or evil (and everyone around them is uncertain to) and are now under the guidance of The Winter Solider. This is a great series to get into.


4. Jupiters Legacy Volume 2 (Image)

Two of the Biggest names in comics Mark Millar, and Frank Quitely collaborate again to make the second volume of Jupiter’s Legacy. Hutch and Chloe are the offspring of superheroes that have come out of hiding (after the events in volume one ) with their son Jason to assemble a team of super-crooks from around the globe. Millar’s storytelling is on point as usual, and this is Quitely’s best art to date.


3. Reborn (Image)

Reborn was my most anticipated comic series of the year. A dream collaboration of Mark Millar and Greg Capullo. While I have only had time to read the first issue, it was a fantastic issue. It’s a sci-fi fantasy story about what happens after death. Millar’s theory is quite cool and interesting. Reborn is Capullo’s best art to date. Inker Johnathan Glapion and colorist FCO Plascena make Capullo look better than usual .

Monty_1 Preview 1A

2. Monty The Dinosaur (Action Lab Entertainment)

Plain and simple this is my favourite all-ages comic to date. It’s worth buying, your kids will love it as well as adults. It’s a fun silly 3 issue series about Monty the last talking dinosaur who has been in a cave for a very long time and wants to make friends with humans but is hesitant. This comic will bring you laughter and joy. This type of comic we all need to read every now and then. The trade is available through your local comic shop, Comixolgy and Amazon



1.  Kill or Be Killed (Image)

Kill or Be Killed #1 was the best first issue I have read in a long while. It sets up the future issues and story brilliantly. Kill or Be Killed is the story of a man who is forced to kill evil people, and how he struggles to keep his secret as it gradually ruins his life and the lives of his friends and loved ones. It’s a unique take on vigilantism. Anytime writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips create a comic together it’s an instant classic. They are in my opinion the best team in comics today.

Well, there you have it my favourite comic series of 2016. I’m looking forward to what 2017 has in store for comics!

Remember comics are for everyone.

Check out my town’s first comic-con happening in 2017! Orillia Comic-Con

Matt is a passionate comic book fan/reader and aspiring comic book writer who used to be a cook/chef. Follow @concreteshawzee





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