We Interview Infinite Seven Writer Dave Dwonch


Dave Dwonch Is the writer of Action Lab Danger Zone‘s newest comic book Infinite Seven, which is being released in February 2017. Aside from being a writer he is also the President of Marketing and Development at  Action Lab/Action Lab Danger Zone and is responsible for the overall direction of Action Lab Entertainment. He oversees the entire creative processes, working with Action Lab’s writers, artists, designers and editors.

Dave took the time to talk to me about his new passion project Infinite Seven.


Infinite Seven seems to have just about every significant part of 80s action movies and pop culture. How did you come up with a story with such vast references and nostalgia and yet making it your own?

It all started with the premise. On top of being a pop culture fan, I’m also a huge comics nerd. “Legacy” is a very tried and true theme in mainstream books, especially DC Comics, and I wanted to play with it as a concept. In my mind the Batman/Robin relationship should only go one direction– with the mantle being passed to Bruce’s chosen successor… but by design that never happens for very long. There’s always a reboot, where they rewind and start the clock again. With Infinite Seven I wanted to push the theme forward in a very permanent way. In my world, the way to join the “super group” is to kill a member and replace them. In issue one, you see just the tip of the iceberg, but the Infinite Seven has 200 years of history. With that much road, I’m able to pick and choose from my favourite pop culture moments and characters and splice them into a single narrative. It’s really a lot of fun.

Would you say this is the most freedom you have had on a project and is this something you have been wanting to create for a while but never had the chance to?
I’ve predominantly worked on creator-owned books, so it’s been skies the limit on weird stuff. Seriously, though, that’s what I love about indie books. You can do whatever you want. From Cyrus Perkins to Double Jumpers, and even with licensed stuff like Vamplets, I think my skewed voice comes through. The big difference with Infinite Seven is that I’m upping my cinematic game. It’s the big-budget action movie that I’d want to see. It’s liberating, but it also presents its own set of challenges.

Infinite Seven certainly feels cinematic. The first few panels reminded me of the Expendables right away. 

With visuals being such a key component to comics are you and your team looking do something unique or somewhat out of the box with the direction and art than your average comic?
Well, artists Arturo Mesa and colorist Geraldo Filho certainly add their flair to the series. They are constantly adding their own references to the pages past what I describe in the script, and what began as my love letter has become a bit more than that. It’s hard to describe. It’s Danger Girl meets On a Pale Horse meets Goldfinger meets Metal Gear Solid. It’s Robert Rodriguez making love to Quentin Tarantino in a back alley in Monaco. With cyborgs. I think the art reflects that!
How did you Arturo Mesa and Geraldo Filho get together on this comic?
Arturo had submitted his pencil work to Action Lab back in 2014, just as I was just getting the first script finished. He must have liked what he read because we’ve been together ever since. I was familiar with Geraldo’s work through mutual creators and once Arturo was on board I knew he’d be the perfect colorist. He’s colouring right over Art’s pencils and adding SO much nuance. I think when fans are going to be bowled over by the book.
What can we expect in issue 2 and the rest of the first arc for the Infinite Seven?
The world is going to expand in a big way in way in issue two. We’ll see some history and reveals (like George Washington being a member!) and Infinite Seven‘s youngest recruit proving himself. He may not be a world-class assassin yet but just wait. The forces working against him are going to create a monster. The series may seem pretty innocent in the first issue, but we are going to head into some pretty dark waters.
Preview Art From Issue #1

Infinite Seven is available to pre-order right now in the month of December at your local comic shop. Order your copy right now!

Follow Dave Dwonch on Twitter @davedwonch

For more details on Infinite Seven check out actionlabcomics.com

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