Big Bang Theory S10E8 ‘The Brain Bowl Incubation’

Amy is taking a skin sample from Sheldon who is afraid. She takes it quickly and of course it doesn’t hurt. Their interaction is so odd it’s always sweet. Amy has combined her cells with Sheldon and is excited about creation. Sheldon is joyous about their mixture and is acting like a proud father.

Raj is working when the cleaning lady in the office comes in. They share a moment and Raj is clearly smitten. Raj won’t tell his friends the truth about the woman he met. The gang wants to meet her but he can’t have that. Raj works with the cleaning lady because he is into her. He flirts with her but she rebuffs him because she is busy with 2 jobs. Poor Raj always trying to win women over. He really has grown since he actually can talk to women this deeply.

Sheldon tells Amy he wants to make a baby with her. He thinks their baby would be the greatest ever. Amy just isn’t ready for this as it’s just odd. Sheldon attempts to act sexy causing Amy to leave. Such an awkward man.

Raj sets up a dinner for the cleaning lady and she accepts. Amy tells Penny and Sheldon wanting a baby and how it troubles her.  Sheldon is working to have relations with Amy. It is a little unsettling seeing him like this. She leaves because he is really too much.

Raj and his lady friend are having a nice time when Howard comes in ruining it. Howard never knows what to say, as he is still just as awkward as before even if he is married. Raj tells her weird things about him so she will give him a chance. She lets him take her out to dinner on Sunday.

Sheldon tries one last time to woo her with a Flamenco dance. He asks Penny and Leonard if they are excited as Amy calms herself from her excitement. Sheldon is such a great character because he can really do anything. You never know what to expect from Sheldon as he is always breaking conventions.


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