Clarence S2 E3 ‘Birthday’

Clarence is excited for his birthday which his parents are setting up. The theme of Clarence’s party is Brown. Clarence’s love of the color brown was previously seen when he made “Brown Town”. Sumo and Jeff are worried that Clarence is in denial about his party when he thinks everyone will come and they are the only ones there.

Jeff has brought Clarence a birthday pie. He knows Clarence loves Pie and is excited to eat it with him. Suddenly another guest comes to the party. Jeff and Sumo are shocked. Soon the party is filled with all of the kids in town. Jeff and Sumo really can’t believe it now, of course they wished it would be just the three of them.

Jeff and Sumo are upset that they can’t hang with Clarence on his birthday.  Clarence is enjoying being the center of attention. Everyone is having a good time except for Jeff and Sumo. They eventually leave the party and Clarence is unaware until he opens his parents present. When he finds out of course he freaks out as they are really the only people who matter.

Clarence takes his new bike to find his best friends. This is humorous because clearly Clarence can’t ride a bike. He crashes his bike on a rock when he finds his friends. They make up and run back to his party. He opens his bike once again even though it was already unwrapped earlier and accidentally lights his mother’s boyfriend on fire.

Clarence is a great show because the main character is really quite normal. He might be one of the stupidest people but he means well and the stories told are usually quite good.


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