Clarence S2 E31 ‘Tree of Life’

Chad, Clarence’s step father of sorts tells of his best friends climbing a tree. The tree is set to be cut down and so they are going to climb it at night. Jeff doesn’t want to climb but is scared into doing it.

Jeff discovers he can climb like a pro and this upsets Sumo. Sumo is usually far more athletic than Jeff so it should bother him. Sumo talks to the tree and finds out what they have to do. They fall and Clarence has to choose who to save, Sumo sacrifices himself.

Jeff decides not to climb and is pulled up by Clarence up the tree. Jeff soon falls off and slides down the tree. Clarence has no idea that Jeff has fallen but continues to climb. His desire to complete this mission is inspiring because he doesn’t look like he could do it.

Clarence continues to climb, egged on by the tree. He arrives at the top but can’t do it without his friends. The Tree wants him to do it but he backs away.  He soon falls off the tree and is saved by one of Chad’s old friends.

Chad actually went to look for his friends after telling the story. It is always nice seeing a nice reunion. They cheer as the tree is cut down.


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