Family Guy S15 E6 ‘Hot Shots’

The episode begins with a rational geographic joke. They then throw in an Munsters reference when a bat flies in. Peter attached a gun to a remote controlled helicopter which backfires of course. Reminds me of rednecks I have seen online, attaching weapons to a drone is definitely an uncultured act.

Peter pretends to be a vampire to reinvent his look. He decides to live like a bat to trap the bat. Peter joins a cult in a cutaway and tells an odd story.Peter’s actions are always way over the top, I am surprised they can keep thinking of such things for him to do.

They go to take Stewie in for his injury and  he needs to be vaccinated. They find our there are too many risks and won’t do it.

Stewie is angry that this will be a Lois story.  Well, at least it isn’t a  Meg episode. Brian is upset that Lois is trying to get people to not vaccinate Stewie.

Peter fakes being a Doctor in an ad to stop vaccinations. Stewie goes germ crazy. Peter’s ad has stopped all vaccinations in Quahog. There ends up being an outbreak of Measles because of the lack of vaccinations. The town ends up becoming under quarantine.

Peter destroyed all of the vaccines so no one can be helped. Peter has measles so Stewie runs away from home.

Stewie sneaks under the bridge and finds himself stuck with an upside down train charging at him. When he falls he is saved by Sean Penn who is bringing vaccinations to Quahog. Odd choice of person to be saving Quahog in my opinion.

In the end everyone is cured and the quarantine is lifted. This episode was a good one because it showed off the reality of vaccines. Many people still think vaccines are bad, and honestly it is foolish to think so.


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