Family Guy S15E9 ‘How the Griffin Stole Christmas’

Peter and the kids talk Lois into sledding instead of going to church. Mayor Adam West has been forced to ban sledding do to the injuries people have suffered. Peter takes the dining room table and sleds down the hill with the kids. They crash at the end of the hill.

Peter is talked into becoming mall Santa and clearly enjoys it. Peter always gets in over his head when he is dragged into something. This can’t go wrong, can it?

Brian goes to Christmas parties to hit on women and soon Stewie comes to see how sad he is. Stewie and Brian are definitely one of the best reasons to watch this show. Their interactions are hilarious. Stewie becomes enamored with the fun of partying because he is a fun guy.

Peter let’s the power of Santa take over as he gets a ton of special treatment. Peter should probably take it down a notch but he can’t do that.

Stewie gets a job at an office when he thinks quick on his feet. Though he soon is troubled when people he works with are fired before Christmas.

Peter slips on ice and soon wakes up to the real Santa. Santa is upset that Peter is using his suit for his own gain. Peter blows him off and Santa is out for revenge.

Santa sends a text to Joe forcing Peter to build bears at build a Bear with him.Peter replaces one of Santa’s magical reindeer with a non magical one. Santa sends a box of all of Meg’s farts. That box must smell worse than death.

Peter finally apologizes and is given a great gift from Santa. Good to see Peter actually learn a lesson. Though he does go on to say that he forgot it when he got wasted, but at least for a moment he grew.


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