Last Man on Earth S3 E7 ‘Mama’s Hide-away’

Carol is really going all in on being Gail’s adoptive daughter. She wants to take family photos but Gail won’t. Lewis comes in and thanks Tandy for helping him in the last episode. I am glad to see these two have become friends. It is never good when characters don’t see eye to eye.

Melissa is losing it and she has a fake baby. She wants to break up with Todd because she really wants a baby. Melissa is such an interesting character because she has changed from such a straight laced character to a rather insane one.

Lewis finds old planes and decides he wants to fly. He seems to be flying when his plane crashes and it turns out to be a flight simulator.

Carol goes to see Gail and she sends her away invoking her new mom rights.Hilarious seeing them act like mother and daughter. Tandy goes to see Melissa and she tells him they are going to make a baby.He rebuffs her and is pushed out.

Gail and Carol complain about the other. Tandy tells Todd about Melissa and he finds out he was third choice. He heads off to find Lewis. Not being able to find her he goes Carol who inadvertently learns her own lesson.

Gail drives around and  finds a place for her to sneak off to. They find the power is overloaded so they turn off the power to all the buildings. They have no idea Gail is in an elevator in one of the other buildings. Uh-oh.

Gail is trapped in an elevator and after Todd tells Melissa he loves her she runs away. I have wonder how things will turn out for Gail especially as she is trapped in the elevator.


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