New Girl S6 E6 ‘Ready’

Jess is ready to date again after so long. Nick wants to focus on his writing and asks Cece to manage the bar. As Jess goes out to tell her friends she is ready Schmidt comes out to tell them about his neck weight. Jess takes Schmidt to her gym to help him.

Jess and her friend Robby are clearly a match for each other. Schmidt thinks Jess should give it a shot and date Robby. They do look nice to each other.

A woman flirts with Winston who doesn’t understand it. Nick writes at his bar and is troubled by CeCe’s hiring. Winston is in a relationship and being so nice he hates shutting down women.

Jess has an odd but fun date and ends up ending it by calling him a friend. Worse way to show someone you want to be more than friends.

Schmidt talks to Jess and she tells him her date troubles. Jess couldn’t see herself marrying Robby and it was just a strange moment. He tells her just to have fun and kiss Robby.

Cece gives Schmidt a super long scarf which troubles him. Cece takes pictures of her new hire to help him in his modeling career. Nick can’t write because he is unsure of why this new bartender is so attractive.

Jess and Robby have a moment at the gym and Schmidt tells her to go get him. Jess tells Robby she did want to kiss him. She goes to kiss him while he is lifting a huge weight and it soon drops on them breaking Robbie’s nose. Not a great memory for a first kiss.

Jess also hurts her neck and has realized she isn’t into Robby. Schmidt thinks Cece thinks he is fat but Jess just tells him to be fat and happy and hang out with Cece. Jess goes to talk to Robby and fix things.

Nick crushes Winston so women won’t hit on him anymore. Nick finally comes to term with why the new bartender is attractive. Cece shows off her managerial power and inspires Nick.

Jess goes to tell Robby she isn’t into him and hurts him physically instead. Schmidt is eating cake and feels good because Cece will always love him. Jess decides to pretend to be into him to heal him before breaking his heart.

Nick brings in more models to help at the bar. He then tells her she should manage models. Seeing this change Schmidt decides he needs to work out she doesn’t get tired of him.

An episode where our characters all were able to grow in some way. I really thought it was a nice one. It is good to see character’s grow all throughout the seasons  and become better people.


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