Son of Zorn S1 E7 ‘The Battle of Thanksgiving’

The family is doing a Turkey trot. They don’t want Zorn to come to Thanksgiving because of his track record. Zorn is scared by an air-horn and dashes like a speed demon. Zorn’s energy is certainly superhuman since he is a cartoon.

Zorn tells Alan to ask his grandmother for money for band camp. Ah the money of grandmother’s they do usually want to help their grand kids. Zorn is bored at work and soon finds his boss who says they are hanging out together.

Zorn is hanging with his boss and they talk about Thanksgiving. He leaves to prove himself. Edie’s mother is actually being nice to her which surprises her. They aren’t surprised when Zorn comes to the door of course.

Craig talks Edie into letting Zorn stay. Edie’s mother clearly hates Zorn. Zorn acts sophisticated but still won’t wear pants.Craig gives Zorn his pants but Zorn can’t get them on.

Craig talks to Zorn and gets Zorn to agree to everything. Edie’s mother makes them watch a documentary that makes Zorn the villain of Zephyria. This woman is rather vindictive, she really should be put in her place.

He goes to apologize and his pie kills her.He calls on Alan who brings in Craig. To enact the cure Craig has to kiss her. Edie comes in and sees him kissing her mom so he throws Zorn under the bus. Craig is usually so nice that is humorous seeing him do this.

Zorn apologizes to them all and heads out after Edie explodes at them. Edie kicks her mother out when she shows her true colors. It is good to see Edie finally stand up to her terrible mother, parents don’t deserve to make their kids feel terrible. Then she takes her family to have Thanksgiving at Zorn’s apartment.


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