We Bare Bears S2 E20 ‘The Library’

The three bears are at the library and owe 8.95 for overdue books. They refuse to pay and the librarian is annoyed. Suddenly they see Chloe lost in her studying. Just like so many college students before her. Of course they need to help her because she is probably their best friend.

The bears decide to split up to help her. Panda meets Dial up for the first time and it is just too much. Ice Bear races another girl to get the book Chloe needs as there is one copy. Ice Bear loses the book when they knock the shelf over. Ice Bear soon gets it back.Grizz works to pump Chloe up who just wants to sleep. Grizz feeds Chloe enough chocolate to give her energy. Now on a sugar high Chloe runs around thee entire library hungry for knowledge.

They finally come together to find Chloe. They all eat so much sugar that time slows. It is always humorous when cartoons break reality like this. They run around and soon catch up to Chloe. They achieve all of their goals due to their speed and help Chloe study. They run to the school and find Chloe got the date for the test wrong. Of course she got the date wrong, she psyched herself up for the test so much that she forgot when the test actually was.

A good episode with the brothers each doing there own humorous thing. I enjoyed the call back to dial up internet. It is rare to see such a call back in modern shows because honestly it was a terrible time many probably want to forget.


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