We Bare Bears S2E21 ‘Grizz Helps’

Grizz wakes up trying to help his brothers. They both rebuff him and he heads out on his own using Craigslist as a guide. It is rather insane that Craigslist has really become such a cultural icon. When he can’t find anyone to help he runs outside on his own.

He takes the trash in for a broken garbage truck. Of course he can’t keep up. He does try his best but it can’t be possible to chase a vehicle on foot. He leaves the truck to find the lady from Craigslist’s chicken. As he looks for the chicken he runs into a dog walker in need.

While walking he finds a scientist who may have the lady’s chicken. The scientist believes he has mastered time travel and is going to send the chicken to the future. He reminds me of a young Doc Brown but a lot less intelligent.

Grizz pretends to be an alien to take the chicken back. Grizz messes up and sends the dogs to attack the man. They soon run away and are able to get away from the terrible scientist. The scientist finds his machine failed when he is trapped inside. He definitely got what he deserved, using such a machine on animals.

Grizz brings the dogs and chicken back taking a ride on the garbage truck home. Grizz is proud to have been such a help, as he should be. Though I don’t think he should be as proud as he is, as he really didn’t do all that much, it was mostly happenstance.


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