Welcome To Super Nintendo World! – Nintendo Theme Park To Open In 2020


Nintendo have released the first concept art for their new theme park, Super Nintendo World. The park is set to open in Universal Studios Japan in 2020 to tie in with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with Nintendo-themed areas to follow in Universal Studio’s Hollywood and Los Angeles parks.

The concept art may seem very Mario-orientated but the park is also set to feature other Nintendo properties.

Universal Studios Japan stated in a press release:

 “SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™” is coming to Universal Studios Japan and will be the first such opening in the world, featuring globally renowned characters and game worlds from Nintendo. Super Nintendo World is targeted to open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. While Universal Studios Japan will be the first location to open, Nintendo themed areas are also coming to Orlando and Hollywood as announced by Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts on November 29, 2016.


 Super Nintendo World will be comprised of expansive and multilevel environments filled with unprecedented, state-of-the-art rides*2, interactive areas, shops and restaurants, all featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games. Development cost at Universal Studios Japan is currently expected to exceed 50 billion Yen. Super Nintendo World will be developed mainly using the park’s current parking area and part of an area designated for future expansion. Katsuhiro Miyamoto, Professor Emeritus of Kansai University estimates that Universal Studios Japan — after opening Super Nintendo World — will bring economic benefits following its opening of approximately 6.2 trillion Yen for the Kansai region, 11.7 trillion Yen for Japan as a whole, and will create approximately 1.1 million jobs in Japan within a decade after opening*3. Universal Studios Japan will introduce the wonder of the world-class, Japan-based entertainment brand of Nintendo not only to Japan but to the world.


Super Nintendo World will feature characters and themes from the “Super Mario” series, which has continued over the years to win the hearts of devoted fans around the world. The attraction area will also feature a variety of other globally popular Nintendo characters. Nintendo characters and the worlds they inhabit will be re-created at the highest level of quality through the strong partnership between Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, Creative Fellow at Nintendo, and Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative, renowned for creative and technical excellence. Super Nintendo World will allow guests to fully immerse themselves and all five senses in the worlds of Nintendo, and is expected to attract guests from Japan and the world over.


So what rides could we see at Super Nintendo World? Here are a few suggestions:

Mario Kart: Double Dash


Mario Kart games usually feature one racer per kart, but obviously that would result in very long queues for a Mario Kart attraction…so why not make one based on Mario Kart Double Dash: the only entry in the franchise to have two racers in a kart?

A real life Mario Kart would be a lot of fun, especially if Nintendo were to use holographic technology for items such as red shells and invincibility stars. In this scenario, I would imagine the first passenger in the kart would be the driver, whilst the second passenger chucks holographic shells in the back seat. Maybe the kart could even spin around if a shell hits your kart? A Mario Kart ride would have countless possibilities, especially one based on Double Dash.

It is possible that Universal Studios are already planning to make Double Dash one of the attractions, given that a recently released patent is eerily similar to the concept of a real life Mario Kart:


Yoshi’s Island


Many have speculated that there could be a Yoshi’s Island dark (indoor) ride, given that the mountainous area with the iconic end of level flag pole contains different coloured Yoshis running around. Personally, I think it would be a pretty cool idea.

I love the notion of being able to ride Yoshi, even if I’m not quite sure how it would be achieved. If Nintendo and Universal Studios could find a way to simulate real leg movement as though you’re actually riding a real life dinosaur, it could provide a memorable attraction for the theme park similar to how many associate  Disney Parks with It’s A Small World. Even better if Yoshi actually jumps whilst you’re riding him. Given that Yoshi is a species of anthropomorphic dinosaur, you can have many different coloured Yoshis also (as seen in the Yoshi’s Island series).

Real Life Donkey Kong


This is an admittedly insane idea. Imagine being able to play the original arcade Donkey Kong game in real life…with an animatronic Donkey Kong actually throwing barrels at you.

Wouldn’t that just be huge amounts of fun?

Obviously the barrels would have to be fairly light in order to keep on the right side of health and safety but even so, who wouldn’t want to play the arcade Donkey Kong in real life?

Zelda’s Dungeons


I’ll confess, I’m not really a fan of Legend of Zelda. But the series’ dungeons could make a good ghost train. Maybe not a typical ‘ghost train’, but a slow vehicle that takes you through the various dungeons with iconic enemies from Legend of Zelda lurking within. Maybe the ride could even be located inside Hyrule Castle?

Codename S.T.E.A.M. Laser Tag Ride


Codename S.T.E.A.M. isn’t one of Nintendo’s most well-known properties but it is a hugely addictive game and would make for an incredible laser-tag ride. In my mind, a Codename S.T.E.A.M. ride would be similar in style to Disneyland Paris’s Buzz Lightyear: Laser Blast; at Buzz Lightyear: Laser Blast, each ride vehicle carries a maximum of two passengers through a dark environment with various animatronics to shoot at with laser guns.

In this case, riders of Codename S.T.E.A.M. would be shooting at aliens from the game whilst strategically making sure they don’t use too much steam. If they run out of steam, it’s game over. As with Buzz Lightyear: Laser Blast, the aliens could be shown to fight back, with the kart spinning when it is successfully attacked by the enemy. The players with the highest score during a ride session win.

Do you like my ride suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

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