American Dad S12 E2 ‘Fight or Flight’

Steve is excited about his midterm grade when he gets an F. Snot is taking too much Zoloft and is still depressed it is rather humorous. Steve’s grade is unfix-able and he freaks. Poor Steve he can’t catch a break.

Stan is also upset because Steve’s grades are all he has. I love when Stan really show he cares about Steve because it is often rare. Stan helps Steve to get an A. This won’t turn out poorly for either of them, right?

Klaus sings a sad song about his wish to be a terrible human. His idea about what looks good is certainly questionable.

Stan brings in Vin Diesel to help with Steve’s project. Of course he tells him that Steve is a make a wish kid, low blow Stan. Stan brings Steve to the CIA’s secret sound stage where they filmed the moon landing. Stan even steals the spirit of saint Louis to make the project really shine.

Klaus orders terrible shoes and goes with Haley to find them. Roger is trouble again as he is just the most selfish alien even though he acts like he is helping.

Stan talks Steve down and breaks his heart. Klaus finds the man who took his shoes claiming they were his and freaks out not so accordingly. Steve’s film premieres and is full of inaccuracies. Steve can’t take it and heads outside, he won’t do something crazy right?

Klaus realizes the man doesn’t have his shoes and goes off with Haley to get them.The man apparently silences the murderer off screen.

Steve takes the Spirit of St Louis to prove himself. It is always best when these characters go overboard. He of course can’t fly well as Stan drops in.Stan apologizes for being so stupid as Steve has flown to Paris successfully. The plane crashes as Steve lands with a parachute. Turns out it isn’t Paris but a confusing Disney theme park in their hometown of Langley falls.

American Dad is good when it is crazy. Stan and Steve have actually been doing things a lot more recently and that is pretty cool. Excited to see what other misadventures they get into this year.


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