American Dad S12 E4 ‘Portrait of Francine’s genitals’

The family sits around the table eating breakfast. Roger is disgusted with Stan’s lack of art know how and praises the fact that a great artists work is coming to town. Francine had her picture done by him and Roger is stunned. They head to the museum to see it with Jeff saying he is a Smith because he is the wife in he and Haley’s marriage.

Stan is troubled at work when everyone is obsessed with the painting which is actually of his wife’s genitals. Steve is also freaking out because he only sees his mother’s box during his alone time. These two both have reason to freak out as she is their wife and mother respectively.

Stan acts like an ass as usual and Francine bans him from sex after he claims her box as his property. Stan tries to be good but his ideas on marriage are always skewed towards the man’s power as he wishes things were like the past.

Roger becomes Tato Monticello so he can help Stan steal the painting. They head to Monaco to have a simple conversation and then head to get their helpers. This whole scene is like a sequence in a movie like the Ocean’s series.

Stan’s boss and associates go to talk to Francine.Stan is troubled because even if they are hiding it they are talking about Francine’s box. Roger and Stan head off with their crew to steal the painting. The heist goes terribly and Stan vows to do it himself.

Francine goes to get the painting down but changes her mind due to people loving the art. Stan takes on a guard position to take the painting. At night when no one is around Stan easily takes the painting as he is supposed to be guarding it. Francine is distraught when she finds the painting was stolen.

Steve’s voice is deepening due to his lack of masturbation. He soon finds a new muse for the act when he talks to fish tank saleswoman. Steve is a weird boy but I’m sure there are worse things he could find pleasure listening to.

Stan goes to talk to the wife of the painter. He now realizes it is beautiful and the world is better for it. It doesn’t hurt that her husband was blind. Though he might hate it even more when she tells him he was an artist who touched to paint so well.


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