American Dad S12 E6 ‘Roger’s Baby’

Jeff and Haley are struggling to have a baby due to Jeff being an Alien. Though neither of them know this.  Roger finally let’s them know what is going on. He brings Stan in because Stan also knew. The family is rightfully upset with Stan for not telling them but he says he only did it because he is a great secret keeper.

Roger is a birthing alien and could help but he is not going to do it. Haley goes to see Roger to ask him to do it as he is the only one who can do it. Though it is definitely also because he has always wanted bigger breasts. Roger agrees to make Jeff human again even if it is a 10% chance.

Snot is given 3 happy days for being poor. This is going to go bad I can feel it.

Jeff is successfully implanted in Roger. They even show the terrible doctor from a previous episode where he almost made Steve taller by inserting animal bones into him.

Snot hates being treated so well for being poor. He is not happy with Steve and doesn’t let him take part in the trip to a water park he is gifted. On the third day Steve hides Snot but they are eventually found. The proceed to run from the two hosts of “Morning Mimosas”.

Haley throws Roger a baby shower which he at first is happy about. The gifts he recieves are all about Jeff except for baby clothes from Klaus. Roger loses it and runs away with Jeff as he wants to raise him as his own. Roger sings a song about how he doesn’t need Haley to birth the baby.

Roger gives birth to the baby as Steve and Snot run. Humorously Jeff is born all shriveled up and will only grow to his original size when he is put in water like those spongy dinosaurs.

Steve and Snot make up when Snot realizes running from the ladies was a great equalizer. If only for a moment these two are just two friends on the run. Snot loves Steve and sometimes it seems Steve feels the same way but Steve rebuffs him.

This episode was certainly quite nice and I’m glad things worked out well in the end. I am curious what Jeff and Haley’s baby will be like, and when it will become a character on the show.


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