American Dad S14 E5 ‘Bahama Mama’

Stan is enjoying terrible Saturday TV. Suddenly Baywatch comes on and Roger is entranced. He steals the TV and runs upstairs.Haley and Jeff are about to try to have a baby and Stan has a midlife crisis.

Stan puts birth control in Haley’s breakfast to stop it. Stan then gets Jeff a vasectomy which doesn’t happen because Jeff is too stupid. Though I’d think it should happen because Jeff is that stupid.

Steve is giving up all of his kids toys because he is becoming an uncle.Steve is clearly going overboard out of sheer excitement. He shouldn’t feel the need to give up his childhood interests.

Roger goes to crazy over Baywatch soon creating a Baywatch opening. Francine is crocheting baby clothes and when Stan comes in they soon head to the resort Haley and Jeff have run off to.

Steve wanting to be an adult leaves the resort and is immediately kidnapped. That is the perennial rule of these island rules, never leave the resort. Steve really is getting what he deserved for thinking he needs to be an adult now.

Haley kicks Stan out of her family in regards to the baby. Stan meets a psycho who wants to swap murders with Stan. Of course he sends him after Jeff unknowingly.

Steve becomes the leader of a drug organization as Stan heads to save Jeff. Klaus goes crazy from doing so much coke. Klaus is another character who is just so odd even though he is often pushed out of stories.

Stan walks around the resort like an old man and goes to take down the psycho. It is funny seeing Stan as an old man again, even though he clearly has a few good decades before he is elderly.

The old leader of the drug organization is about to kill the pair when they are saved by the kids club.  Stan saves Jeff and apologizes to Haley for his actions. Roger tells Stan that Jeff is an alien with super powers and thus the baby will be alien.

This won’t turn out well for Stan as nothing really ever does. Curious how this will play out in later episodes, will Jeff and Haley ever have a baby?


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