Big Bang Theory S10 E9 ‘The Geology Elevation’

Everyone but Sheldon is excited for Burt winning the MacArthur Genius Grant. It seems like the more things change the more they stay the same with Sheldon.  Howard shows off his remote controlled Steven Hawking which really is in poor taste. Howard clearly just doesn’t understand why it is so wrong.

Sheldon and Leonard go for a walk to let him calm down after reading Burt’s paper. Bernadette dares Howard to show Steven Hawking his remote controlled version. OF course Howard doesn’t do it because he is afraid of how he will react. Instead Howard shows it off to everyone who say its awful. He eventually shows it to Barry Kripke who loves it and this stops his fun.

Sheldon goes to congratulate Burt on his own. This moment is great because Sheldon hates giving praise to people. He loves being the one who is praised. Sheldon feels okay about this for a moment when Burt says he wants to nominate Howard for the award. This makes Sheldon leave as he has always discounted Howard. Sheldon might be nicer to him now but this troubles him deeply.

Burt then tells Sheldon that he is a great man and he has always been jealous that he has Amy. Sheldon is happy until Burt says he can do better than Amy since he is rich which provokes Sheldon. With one karate chop Sheldon is in pain and leaves.

Steven Hawking contacts Sheldon and makes him feel good.In a twist Hawking actually wants a remote controlled version of himself, though Howard never hears this. Sheldon and Burt are friendly enough that they go to see Ellen together, a rather weird way to end the episode.


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