Bob’s Burgers S7E5 ‘Larger Brother, Where Fart Thou?’

Bob and Linda are going to do their taxes and Teddy is heading to Lobster Fest. Lobster Fest first showed up in the episode Bobsterfest where a hurricane forced Bob to have a party. Of course the idea of Lobster Fest has always left a bad taste in Bob’s mouth anyway, do to his dislike of Lobster.

Tina locks eyes with a boy and thinks they had a connection. She gets herself thrown into detention to chase him. Tina tries to lock eyes again with her new crush and it doesn’t work.

Gene and Louise are left alone for the first time. Bob and Linda are freaking out about this and leave Gene in charge. Of course Louise wants the power and tries to take charge.Gene and Louise make a strange meal. They find an old Cantaloupe in the fridge from three years ago and Louise wants to toss it out the fire escape.

Bob and Linda do their taxes with their accountant and he is quite annoying. He has been given cookies which he offers to the Belchers.Bob and Linda have eaten a few of the cookies when their accountant gets a call. The cookies were pot cookies for the client’s mother that gave them to him.

Louise and Gene drop the cantaloupe and it lands on Louise’s rival Logan. He goes to take her down. Bob, Linda and their accountant are high and it is rather humorous. Tina continues to try with this new boy as Gene and Louise are troubled by Logan.

Bob calls Gene and Louise and they both try to hide what is going on. Louise and Gene are tricked into going outside and need to run from Logan. They run into LobsterFest and dress up to disguise themselves. Tina is awkward as usual. Linda ends up telling their accountant that they hate his jokes.

Gene and Louise steal shrimp costumes and end up trapped by Logan. Gene sacrifices himself to get Louise’s punishment. Bob, Linda, and their accountant hide in a couch fort. The three stories wrap themselves up with Bob helping his accountant, Tina dropping her crush, and Louise actually hugging Gene. Louise doesn’t usually show affection so this was the best of the three endings.

A lobster balloon sings Tina’s song over the credits. Another classic episode with a great call back to a previous episode. Bob’s Burgers is just a great show and really can teach great lessons.


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