New Girl S6 E7 ‘The Last Thanksgiving’

Jess wakes everyone up early to prep for Thanksgiving. Schmidt is excited his dad is coming for Thanksgiving and Nick is stokes for his girlfriend Regan is coming.

After hitting him in the previous episode Robby can’t fly so he comes to hang out with Jess. She doesn’t like him in the way he likes her and can’t dump him. Winston offers to take care of Robby so Jess doesn’t have to.

Schmidt’s father comes to the door and is upset about his girlfriend dumping him. The day won’t turn out as nicely as the gang hoped it seem. I love this show because it is so real, there are always little curves in days and it is so relatable.

Regan has work so isn’t coming to Thanksgiving. It’s not so surprising because of how her character is. Winston keeps an eye on Robby as Schmidt talks to his father. Schmidt decides to get drunk with Nick and his father.

Schmidt asks Nick to save his Thanksgiving with his father. Jess is going to break up with Robby and it will be hard. Schmidt’s father talks to her and Schmidt and Nick go to find his ex.

Schmidt’s father and Jess once dated and Robby sees their interaction causing him to leave. Schmidt and Nick go to see his dad’s ex when they find he is seeing 5 different women.

Robby is okay with Jess not liking him. Schmidt is upset with his father as he should be, because Schmidt wanted to have a nice holiday with his dad. Robby stands up even though his leg is broken and talks passionately about Jess. Jess has feelings for Robby after this.

Nick ends up throwing the Turkey at the wall. Jess runs after Robby.Schmidt is the bigger man in his relationship with his father and tells him he loves him. Jess brings Robby back and Schmidt cuts the Turkey, or what is left of it.

They have dinner and Regan texts Nick a nice text. Even though she doesn’t come Nick is happy. They cheer to the last loft Thanksgiving and reminisce.

A great Thanksgiving episode. I am curious how the next Thanksgiving will be shown on the show as it has always popped up in past seasons. Things are changing but I hope we have another Thanksgiving episode next season.


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