New Girl S6E10 ‘The Christmas Eve Eve’

The gang is celebrating Halloween when it hits November 1st, and Jess is ready for Christmas. The gang decides to not do Christmas which troubles Jess even though clearly Christmas should be cancelled. Jess suggests they do secret Santa and everyone agrees.

Nick has started calling thing relating to Schmidt as “Jew things” a thing that just makes sense for Nick to do. Jess has the perfect gift for Nick in mind after he buys what she bought immediately.

Schmidt doesn’t sign for Winston’s Secret Santa and as it is for Cece Schmidt decides to team up with him.

Jess gets Reagan to come to see him for Christmas. Nick is swamped at the bar for the first time for Christmas  and Jess goes with Cece to help. Nick goes to do his taxes for the bar and Jess eventually checks up on him. In true Nick fashion he has bought a ticket to fly to Seattle to see his girlfriend Reagan who is coming to see him.

Nick has noticed that Jess has been acting so weird since he came back. He is rude and she spoils the secret because her feelings are hurt.

Winston has gotten Cece a bean bag chair because of a game they played once. Schmidt wants him to get something else. Winston and Cece’s relationship is quite funny as Schmidt seems just a little jealous that he is getting along so well with her.

Jess didn’t get a gift and Winston got two so he gives his second gift to Jess. Reagan comes in and isn’t greeted in the best way.Though Nick does say that seeing was like being 10 years old on Christmas morning which is probably one of the most endearing things he has ever said.

Nick whips up a great present for Jess involving Darlene Love singing her favorite childhood Christmas song. There is a lovely moment where you can see how much all of them love each other.

A great Christmas episode to a wonderful show. The characters all care about each other so much and they are so much more like a family than a group of friends.


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