Steven Universe S4 E9 ‘Three Gems and A Baby’

Steven is watching the snow when Greg and the Gems tell him a story about his past. They tell him of his first winter with the gems.

Greg sings another song as is customary when he tells Steven a story. I think it is always great when Steven Universe has a new song as they are always so good. This song is especially great because it is so real as it is about Greg being unsure of his fatherhood. He doesn’t know if he can do it, but knows it must be done.

The gems come to give Steven gifts which all turn out to not be such good fits. They steal Steven away because they think he is only a gem. Greg is upset at this obviously and gives chase.

Greg eventually does get Steven and tells the Gems that Rose really isn’t coming back. It makes sense that the gems wouldn’t be able to grasp what actually happened with Rose. She gave up her human form all of the sudden and left them alone on this weird planet.

With Greg’s help they calm down and vow to protect Steven. Greg tells them he will take care of Steven until he is old enough to not need him all the time.

Really such a nice episode and one that I think was sorely needed. It is good to see the back story of Steven as I always wondered what happened before Steven moved in with the gems. Can’t wait until the next episode of the show and hope something big happens!



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