The Amazing World of Gumball S5 E10 ‘The Slide;

Rocky the school janitor is sad and asks Gumball and Darwin for help. He’s seen who he thinks is the love of his life. She does look like a female version of him so I guess it works.

He signs up for a dating app after a pop up on the computer suggests it. Gumball and Darwin help him out with funny consequences. Online dating is certainly just as terrible as this show says. Though I am glad we aren’t actually swiped up when people reject us.

He finds his dream girl and ends up sliding up. They then comb the town looking for the love of his life. They do horrendous things to do many people in the name of love so I guess it’s okay?

They find her and learn that Rocky of course was looking at her creepily. This makes sense as Rocky isn’t the brightest person. She swipes up and sends him away. In the end Darwin gives him a flower in game and he is okay with that for now. I do hope Rocky finds someone some day as everyone deserves a little love.

I liked this episode because it shows the insanity of online dating. This is something that is now part of life and people should laugh at it. Just a good episode in general.


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