The Amazing World of Gumball S5 E11 ‘The Loophole’

Gumball is super confused why they have homework and is unable to get any help. Like an kid Gumball hates homework but then again he is also one of the laziest people. Gumball and Darwin talk to Bobert so they don’t have to do their homework. This won’t end well clearly as anytime Gumball cuts corners he is troubled by the results.

Gumball and Darwin work to fix his logic sensors.  Bobert is a great character because of the fact that he is a robot and  of course takes everything way to literally. Being connected to the web he is able to see all the laws in the world that are in effect. Analyzing that man has made all these laws do to their actions he deems them a target to wipe out.

Bobert causes the collapse of civilization which leads the world into chaos. Gumball and Darwin realize that they have made a grave mistake. Though Gumball clearly has not learned anything from this event.

They remember that they told Bobert not to hurt any living thing which includes Viruses. Bobert stops the plan to wipe out beings and everything returns to what this show calls normal. They then ask Bobert for help with homework which would have been the thing they should have done from the beginning.

I thought this was a very solid episode. Gumball clearly didn’t learn anything as usual and Bobert got another spotlight episode. This show does always work to integrate at least one character into the spotlight besides the Wattersons in every episode. It is just a great show to watch.


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