The Big Bang Theory S10E10 ‘The Property Division Collision’

Sheldon and Amy are talking about rearranging the apartment. Sheldon wants to get all of his stuff but Amy tries to temper it. I doubt that Amy will be able to control the house as well Penny does. They bring the portrait of Amy and Penny over to Penny who is disgusted. Which makes sense as it is a terrible painting especially of her.

Sheldon and Leonard look through the things they bought together. Sheldon gets the Long claw sword from Game of Thrones. He then basically gets everything else because he is Sheldon and Leonard doesn’t want to fight him.

Stewart asks to stay with Howardette and is ready to help. Of course they need help, but I doubt they really want to have Stewart around all the time.

Leonard takes the flag of the apartment which upsets Sheldon greatly. Leonard deserves something from the apartment even if Sheldon doesn’t think so. But  Sheldon is a spoiled man-child, of course he won’t let this go without a fight.

Howardette have dinner with Raj and Stewart. It is clear the mood is tense as Stewart and Raj are at each others necks.

Sheldon changes the internet password and Leonard is furious. Leonard wears the flag like a toga and angers Sheldon even more. These two fight humorously, only Sheldon would be upset by a flag being worn like a toga.

Stuart and Raj are at each other’s throats because Stuart wants to help and mooch. Stuart knows that Howardette needs help and with quick work makes Raj understand that another person would make things even easier for the parents to be. They work together to build a baby swing.

Leonard and Penny head into their house and find Sheldon rented out his room. They are shocked that this strange man is in their kitchen. Leonard runs across the hall and demands Sheldon tell him who this man is. Sheldon, the master of his domain informs him he has paid for the month so he can do with his room as he pleases.

Howard is enjoying Raj and Stuart’s help. Bernadette also is but she doesn’t want to totally show it. Sheldon’s insane tenant played by Christopher Lloyd  speaks profoundly for a moment about Sheldon and Leonard’s friendship and that they know they are entering a new world. He then breaks away from this intelligence and shows that he is just a crude old man.

Leonard and Penny hang up the horrid painting from Amy. Bernadette thinks she is in labor and the four of them head to the hospital. Looks like there is going to be a baby in the next episode!


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