My Top 10 Games of 2016 and the games coming in 2017!

2016 was certainly a year of great games. Many have even called it the year of RPG’s and I do love RPG’s. Thinking about this year in gaming I do definitely remember mostly RPG’s as the best games I played this year.

Now this list may not actually be in order as honestly depending on the day my thinking fluctuates. But these games are definitely my top 10.

Final Fantasy XV

Now this game was certainly just a great game in my opinion. Now I haven’t played a ton of Final Fantasy but I have always been interested in its lore and characters. Final Fantasy XV was one of those games that hooked me with the story. I haven’t played much more since I have been busy but I did play this game so much I beat the main story in around 26 hours.

Some people might not like this game but I thought it was pretty spectacular. By the end I saw the four as my friends and was sad to see them go. I will certainly delve back into this game next year especially with the DLC they have planned.

Pokemon Sun

As a true blue Pokemon Trainer since Kanto of course I jumped into this game. This game really was one of my favorites in the series. The battles in game were harder than they have been in the past. I remember getting wipe a few times because my team was under leveled or the fact that my Pokemon friends didn’t have the best typing.

When I play any Pokemon game I really work to pick Pokemon I enjoy. They become my friends and even if they don’t have the best types I keep them because I do care.

Pokemon Sun may be a great beginning for newbies but it was also a revitalizer for us oldies. I have never stopped loving the series but it is cool seeing it change and I can’t wait for more.

Bravely Second End Layer

I really enjoyed Bravely Default. Though for a while I stopped playing it. Then on when Bravely Second End Layer was coming I finished the Bravely Default in 2 days after starting over.

This game was really beautiful to look at and I really enjoyed the characters. While it was odd seeing Tiz alive I think it worked.

The ending of this game is part of the reason it is on this list. I literally cried playing it and I think that is a special thing.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

When they announced Tokyo Mirage Sessions it was a Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei crossover. But what we got was this crazy idol game. I really enjoyed this game and thought the characters were great.

The story was quite cohesive and I really felt connected to the characters. This game also pumped me up for Persona 5 which is coming next year!

Yokai Watch 2

Yokai Watch is definitely a series that is working to be Pokemon’s rival. This series is certainly worth playing. You might think it’s too childish but it really isn’t.

There are many interesting Yokai and the battles can actually be difficult. If you haven’t played it because it is like Pokemon, you are mistaken. Yes you do befriend monster like entities but there are things you must do in battle. Plus with the wide variety of toys that unlock coins to use in the Crank-a-Kai this game could really keep you playing for a while. Plus it has this super intense meta game now that there are online battles, which so many people probably would enjoy.

World of Final Fantasy

The characters of Final Fantasy have never looked cuter. In this game chibi versions of Final Fantasy characters populate the world. Playing as Reynn and Lann was just too much fun and I had no idea stacking monsters would be so intricate. There are so many possibilities for stacks and playing like you want.

I really enjoyed seeing characters that while I may not have met in game had read about. This game certainly has made me want to play the games though.

Fire Emblem Fates
Truly I found this game to be a blast. I loved that there were three different story lines with different events happening in each. There were sad moments in both and happy ones as well. So many great characters also come to mind as I think back to this game.

I might not have completed all this game has to offer but that just means I have more to play in 2017!

Zero Time Dilemma

Finally the Zero Escape series draws to a close. The chaotic and dangerous world wrapped up rather nicely. But it could have been better. I really enjoyed this game and thought it was interesting how it all wrapped up.

Obviously I don’t want to spoil this series but if you like Gorey puzzle games, you should probably play it. Though it is your decision.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
A RPG set in Tokyo and in the Digimon world? I was hooked from the get go. I definitely enjoyed this game for the nostalgia and my team of Digimon certainly were of earlier seasons. Though I did slowly bring in others with the fantastic Digivolution system.

Dragon Quest VII
A classic RPG cleaned up that I had never had the chance to play. This game was certainly worth the time playing it. Though the story might have dragged on a little more than it should have, I enjoyed journeying with these characters.
It is always interesting trying a new RPG series especially when you have really only played a Game Boy game in the series.

I am very excited for next year’s Dragon Quest VIII and think that it is really cool that there will be voice acting!

As 2016 draws to a close it is always good to look to the future. In 2017 I foresee many hours spent in new gaming worlds. Excited already for Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Tales of Berseria looks interesting too. The Nintendo Switch is on the horizon with untold treasures and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I’m also excited to finally play through Kingdom Hearts with both 2.8 and the 1.5+2.5 collection. Who knows, maybe Kingdom Hearts 3 will also be out this coming year.

All I know is I love gaming. To experience worlds and stories as a gamer is something that I never want to give up. Here is hoping in about a year I have another list like this one. Thank you 2016 for being a blast at least when it comes to gaming, 2017 it is a pleasure to meet you.


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