Pokemon Sun and Moon Series Preview


The Pokemon anime has been on TV for a long time and now is heading into its 20th season. Ash’s journey in Alola is changing things up just like the games and I think it works.

This series is based  on humor but it is clear that it can also be serious. Ash might be funnier but he still wants to be a Pokemon Master. I think this season might actually lead him to become champion of Alola since last season he got to the Final 2 in the Kalos League.

Ash arrives in Alola with his mother, her Mr.Mime and Pikachu with an egg from Professor Oak in tow. He explores the city riding a Shared and then in a Taurus driven cart with his mom.

He soon sees a Grubbin which he chases into the woods failing to catch it. Soon he sees Tapu Koko who we learn later shows up to people he finds worthy. Ash has always been seen as a worthy character in the Pokemon world.

Ash eventually learns about a Pokemon School and ends up meeting students there. He meets Lana, Mallow and Sophocles and is happy to have made friends.

He soon meets Professor Oak’s cousin and soon after has his first run in with Team Skull. After a battle between Team Skull and Ash seeing the power of Z Moves it is clear what he wants to do.

At dinner with his mom he sees Tapu Koko again and chases it. Tapu Koko has been seen by Ash many times in this episode and Ash wants to know what’s up. He finally finds Tapu Koko floating beyond a rail. Tapu Koko bestows a Z Ring upon Ash along with an Electrium Z. It is time for Ash’s Alola adventure to begin!

The second episode has Ash being given a party to celebrate him becoming  a student. After going to school and being introduced as a new student his new friends decide a party of sorts is in order. They decide to challenge Ash to different events which he really has no shot at winning.

He loses to Sophocles’ Togedemaru in a balloon popping contest when Pikachu supercharges him with electricity. Pikachu clearly can’t swim as fast as a Popplio. Even though Ash has 30 Tauros he can’t beat Kiawe in a race. The next challenge was going to be Kukui but Mallow suggests they eat first.

In this moment Tapu Koko appears and steals Ash’s hat. Ash’s hat no matter how long ago he got it is something he treasures. A few other Pokemon have stolen Ash’s hat and he’s done all he can to get it back. Ash chases Tapu Koko into a clearing and is given his hat back.

A battle between electric types ensues and Ash does well. Tapu Koko wants Ash to use his Z Move which he does, the move is so powerful it leaves a crater in the Earth and promptly breaks. Jealous of the power Kiawe thinks it is a fluke. I know Ash will show Kiawe it was no fluke when he does actually complete the Island Challenge sometime in this generation.

All I know is this series is shaping up to be great. The characters are all wonderful in their own way. The humor adds something extra but it is clear that it could very well be as serious as the Kalos journey. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series even if it is on Disney XD.


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