Regular Show in Space S8 E24+25 ‘Christmas in Space’

Its time for the final Christmas Regular Show. The gang is happy enjoying Benson’s Peppermint Bark. The gang starts telling stories.

Skips tells a story about a planet called Celsius. The planet is only survivable for living things for 5 minutes. The gang has a fun time with the snowy natives as the time counts down. This is an interesting notion thinking about only being able to survive somewhere for such a short period.

Muscleman skis down a mountain hurting himself. The small natives become monsters as they run to the ship. They sacrifice their gifts to stave off the yetis. Since they learned the true meaning of Christmas, Ludlow the Laser Nose Reindeer saves them. Rigby is happy to have his present, but as it is a “hover board” it bursts into flames.

Benson doesn’t appreciate the horror vibe that is growing because he loves Christmas. Benson tells a story about Skips getting a T-shirt cannon. Suddenly a Rock-star caroler appears and summons the 12 days of Christmas. I love when shows are able to take Christmas songs and make them vicious.

The gang rushes to find cookies to send the caroler away. They gather all the cookies which is just a shame. I would certainly not be happy to give up all my cookies.Shooting cookies into his mouth he leaves as that is all he ever wanted.

Benson is upset with the group and goes to the kitchen. Benson can be such a baby, but I do get it, I hate when something is changed up on me.

The next story has Mordecai and Rigby buying a present for Pops. They go up in the elevator and pass through each dimension. The Fifth Dimension shows every thing that could happen.

I think it would definitely be hard to stop my mind from wandering if I were in that situation. With so many great stores, it would drive me crazy not to wonder. They soon get the typewriter and head out as the store and their clones begin to disappear. The look on Pops’ face is great as he is just so excited to get a gift, even if it is all damaged.

Benson tells a story about Krampus and scaring Rigby. Krampus actually exists and soon is after Benson for wasting his time. The gang activate their weapons to take out Krampus.  Now, Krampus is certainly a truly terrifying being and is interlocked with Christmas so I guess Benson is okay with using him in a story.

Benson of course puts hand-bells in his story. The gang use the hand bells to defeat the Krampus. Everyone tells Benson that hand-bells suck and he is upset. Suddenly Space Santa arrives and tells them all that Benson is the most Christmas of them all. Benson and Space Santa play hand-bells and it is a happy Christmas evening.


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