The ‘Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen-X’ Review – “I’m Going For A Million Bucks”

After 14 weeks of blindsides, rock-draws and excellent gameplay, Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen-X reached its blistering finale where the final 6 contestants of Adam, Hannah, Ken, David, Bret and Jay fought to become the sole Survivor and the winner of the Million Dollar prize.

Unfortunately for Jay, Bret and David it wasn’t to be but that didn’t stop them from causing mayhem on their way out.

Damn you Jay!

It’s true that this A* cast has given me a number of favourites over the past weeks but Jay occupied the elite echelon on my list. From side-splitting confessionals to All-Star quality moments such as Michaela’sWhat!” Blindside, I’m sure he is kicking his butt for not covering that combination lock puzzle and playing David’s fake Immunity Idol tonight but he really shouldn’t. In a modern game of Survivor if you’re not going to win then you best play for a Second Chance which Jay has more than secured during his first time out, with Idol Shenanigans and trolling Probst with that “Jeffrey” comment on the way out.

Be sure to see Jay in a future season.

For as strong a season as Millennials Vs Gen-X was, we still got players like Rachel, Lucy, Jessica, Sunday and Bret whose story wasn’t really shown to great effect. Even for Bret, who makes the Final Five, was often portrayed as the number two guy to both Chris and Zeke at certain points in the game with the rare instances of visibility spikes coming at Tribal Council with angry outburst or that ‘coming out‘ moment. So to see Bret make it so close to end only to leave in fifth was predictable given that the editors had shown us no reason to think he could win at the end, perhaps unfaithfully so considering that Bret was well liked amongst the cast as the Reunion showed.

Another well-liked cast member (and new Fan Favourite) is David, whose personal-growth narrative was well documented on the show but also made him a target with the Meta-Savvy players on this season. With Ken ultimately serving as the axe-man for Dave’s exit from the game at the Final Four, it leaves me feeling as-if the Producers hid Ken’s awareness that David should never make to the Final three. I can consider that it is possible that the least strategic player left in the Final Four might have only realised at this point that Dave needed to go. And maybe the twisted Survivor Fan in me would’ve loved to have seen Adam and Dave go to a fire making tie-breaker no matter Ken’s choice. But if Ken was more self-aware of his position in the game, I would’ve like to have seen.

With David gone at Final Four however we got see Adam, Hannah and Ken battle it out at the Final Tribal Council – well – at least two of them did. With Ken sitting back and somewhat resting on the fact that he had ‘loyalty‘ and ‘integrity‘ on his side to win, it was left to Adam and Hannah to sling mud at each other. With Hannah’s arguments that she orchestrated many of the moves that Adam was given credit for, I couldn’t help but feel as if Hannah was criminal underrated for the game she played, a fact that was pointed out for the jury when Michelle pressed Hannah to reveal that she was only ever on the wrong side of the numbers once. A strong argument that Adam couldn’t make himself but for as visible a target as Adam was towards the end it also didn’t help that Hannah was practically invisible throughout competition as serious threat to win.

As a Survivor character, Adam was a triple threat: great strategic player, confessional gold and a personal story that transcended the game itself. In a season that had an embarrassment of strong characters, gameplay and (Probst’s favourite) ‘Big Moves‘, it took Adam’s eventual win to cement Millennials Vs Gen-X as a worthy addition to the Survivor Brand.

With an All-Star Season of “Game Changers” coming in the new year (stay tuned for more information on that soon). Adams game may be overlooked as recency bias takes hold but Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen-X will be remembered as a Strong season of Survivor for years to come.

Congratulations Adam!


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