We Bare Bears S2E22 ‘Christmas Parties’

Its Christmas time for the Bears and Panda is watching a yule log. Ice Bear brought in a huge tree because that is just how he rolls.

The Bears suddenly get invited to Four Christmas parties. They are clearly going to have fun at all of them but Nom Nom’s bash excites them the most. Ah, Nom Nom you terrible little Koala. Looks like they have to stuff all the parties into one night.

First they head to Ranger Tabes’ party.The Bears liven up the party just in time for the party alarm to go off. Once they leave the fun ends for Tabes.

Next is Charlie’s Party which is in a tree. Charlie certainly has his own idea of Christmas and it apparently has to be in a tree. They leave before he finds a star for his tree.

They then head to Chloe’s house and meet her extended family. They head out after knocking the food off the table. The bears offended Chloe but now they can go to the best party.

Nom Nom doesn’t want them at the party.Even though I have to think that he is really friends with the bears his terrible nature wins out. He kicks then out after giving them a puppy.

Realizing that they really screwed the pooch by not enjoying their real friend’s parties they vow to fix things. The three bears give the puppy to Tabes who is clearly overjoyed. Charlie finds the perfect topper to his tree and is stoked to have what he thinks is a perfect Christmas. As they hurt Chloe the most they make a huge feast for her and her family. It is clear that now they truly have had the most amazing Christmas.


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