Family Guy S15 E8 ‘Carter and Tricia’

After a gag about Jake Gyllenhall and Jared Leto, Brian comes in with some news. Lois’ father has bought the brewery that Peter works at. Carter is super happy that he is Peter’s boss as he despises him. Peter definitely does not have luck on his side.

Brian’s license is confiscated after he passes a red light. Carter makes Peter’s life a living hell which is always humorous.

Carter is trying to make the beer in cheap toxic material. Peter brings the news to Tricia Takanawa who goes to see Carter. Carter instantly falls in love with Tricia and she is smitten as well.

Carter leaves Lois’ mother and has Tricia move in with him. Stewie takes it upon himself to be Brian’s Drivers Ed  teacher. Peter soon becomes a tiger son to Tricia Takanawa.He then assists Dr.Jones as Short Round. A great slightly racist joke that does actually work.

Brian is taken on a training ride by Stewie. Tricia reveals that her relationship was a ruse to find out what he did from his mouth.

Peter and Carter are both upset about what Tricia did. They see that her mother is vicious and still yells at her to this day because she isn’t good enough. Realizing that they can’t hurt someone who has always been down, Peter sacrifices himself. The effects of the drug are really quite nasty.

In the end everything works out and Stewie asks Brian for a favor which turns out to be going for ice-cream. I think it is nice that Stewie just wanted to go with Brian to get Icecream as he did ask him once in an old episode.

I thought that this was a decent episode of Family Guy. It is always interesting when characters that you’d never think of together come together even if it is fake in the end. Plus it took a more humorous spin on the whole Tiger mom idea which deserves a little levity.


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