Final Fantasy XV is a solid bro-tastic adventure!

Final Fantasy XV was recently released and I played through the story from start to finish. I really enjoyed playing through this game and thought it was something rather magical. Different from its predecessors Final Fantasy XV is a more modern yet still fantastical tale.

From the outset of the game there is a sense of brotherhood, four friends going on a road trip to see their best friend and the Prince get married to his lady love. These four guys are very different from each other but all feel strongly about making the world better. There is a brotherly love that flows through the group that only grows as the game progresses.

All of these four guys have different wants and desires plus different skills they bring to the table. Noctis can fish which offers a nice diversion from monster hunting and other activities plus helps Ignis cook excellent fish dishes to help the party. Gladiolus is the muscle and a survivalist which helps since they often have to camp outside. Prompto is the exuberant photographer always taking pictures even in battle.

I don’t want to spoil the story so I will speak lightly about it. The four travel around the world in the Prince’s special car the Regalia. The Regalia is a beautiful customize-able machine with the ability to play every Final Fantasy Soundtrack once purchased. They meet a variety of different people and even gain the aid of fantastic summons and help from powerful friends.

Noctis and co face off against countless foes from the neighboring kingdom of Niflheim along with monsters who roam the world. With hunts for monsters, a huge branching skill tree, and so much character interaction there is always a lot to do.

The story is absolutely brilliant even though some may argue it isn’t. I honestly did feel like I was the fifth member of this group and that we were all the best of friends. You meet these great characters and twists and turns occur that change how you view these characters. Sometimes you are sure your meeting a villain when you are actually meeting a stalwart companion.

If you haven’t played this game I would suggest you give it a shot. While it might not be as fantastical as its predecessors this game is worth playing. Plus the ending is something you have to see to believe.

Final Fantasy XV is out for Xbox One and PS4 right now, with loads of DLC planned for the future!




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