New Girl, S6 E6 ‘James Wonder’

Nick owes Schmidt and Cece a wedding present and Jess might be principal. Winston wants to be undercover and has chosen the name James Wonder. Jess tries to talk to one of the parents trying to get his vote so she can become principal.

Nick is troubled by Schmidt and CeCe’s wedding registry. He thinks it is created by robots because of a prank from Winston. Winston’s pranks always do go to far or come short so it is good to see one land. Though Nick is already the most paranoid of the group.

Winston goes to the event Jess is at and his undercover character goes over well. Jess is told she would be a terrible principal for the school she is vice president of.

Nick talks to Schmidt and Cece drunk about what to get them. Schmidt of course gets angry and Cece is nice as usual. Schmidt and Cece really are a great couple and I enjoy seeing them complete each other.

Jess is forced to bring in James Wonder even though she despises Winston’s character.Winston gets in over his head and since Jess is eavesdropping she goes to save him. Winston is thrilled of course as the former principal is in love with him.

Nick gets a terrible gift in the form of a pretty woman tattoo of Schmidt and Cece. They hate it but are flattered I guess. Only Nick would think a tattoo would be a good present, but at least he did try.

Jess saves Winston and then struggles to say yes to adding Ventriloquism to the curriculum. She certainly doesn’t hate ventriloquism she just questions the merit of teaching it to young children.

Schmidt and Cece tell Nick they hate his present. Jess decides she doesn’t want to do everything for the parents. She says she will do it all for the kids and actually has been doing great with them. She does end up getting the job of course.

Nick ends up changing his tattoo with all his friends as support. I mean there was no way he was going  to spend 2000 dollars to get it removed.

This episode was definitely a good one as it showed our characters growing. Winston certainly does have a knack at creating characters and clearly can get sucked into them, but it should serve his cop career. Nick is just Nick in this episode but its clear he cares for his friends deeply. Can’t wait to see what happens to Jess as Principal of this weird school.


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