New Girl S6 E9 ‘Es Good’

Jess and Robbie are doing nicely together and Schmidt and Cece are excited to show off their house. Jess and Robbie aren’t going to be exclusive. Though these two are hardly meant for seeing multiple partners.

Robbie tells Jess he has a date which troubles Jess because she has no one else to date. Though this always surprises me as Jess is such an amazing character with a fantastic spirit.

Nick talks to Schmidt about the lack of work on his house. Nick helps him out with his normal guy attitude. Nick is definitely the opposite of Schmidt but that is why they are best friends.

Jess tells to Winston and Cece about dating. Nick seals the deal and gets the contractor to bring in the electrical guy so they can put up walls. It definitely is good that Schmidt has a friend like Nick around.

Schmidt decides he needs to become Nick so he can become a man of the people. Jess finds a man who clearly doesn’t speak that much English and the game begins.

Robbie and Jess are testing each other with their new sweet hearts. They decide to double date which will clearly go terribly.

The date starts of rocky when Robbie’s date Babs is attractive and Jess feels bad. Jess finds Robbie is actually way cooler than she expected. Her date is definitely far worse and she is regretting this.

Nick and Schmidt get swindled by the contractor and decide to team up to take back what was taken. Hilariously Schmidt can’t break a bottle.

The date just keeps getting worse as they keep up their dates. Robbie and Jess finally show they are both into each other and everyone leaves Robbie’s house.Winston and Cece are hanging out waiting to help Jess. They realize they are very happy with their lives and are done with helping Jess until she texts Cece.

Schmidt and Nick’s plan goes awry when Nick drops the stolen goods. Jess and Robbie finally reconcile and become a couple. Nick and Schmidt realize that the contractor is a good guy and everything ends well.


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