Scream Queens SN02 EP08 – ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel’

With only 2 episodes left, this episode gave us another shocking death and a surprise return.rsz_1rsz_scream-queens-logo


This episode saw the return of Wes Gardner (Oliver Hudson), ex-lover of Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and father of Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels) from season 1. Wes is admitted into the C.U.R.E institute due to a tumour in his stomach, which actually turns out to be a large hair-ball as Wes started eating his own hair. Wes and Munsch rekindle their relationship but this makes Dr. Holt (John Stamos) jealous as he now wants Munsch since his relationship with Chanel (Emma Roberts) is on the rocks due to their age difference. Chanel tries her best to understand his generation but of course gets it very wrong when she throws a 40’s themed party for him. As he clearly isn’t 80, this leaves Holt feeling offended rather than bringing the couple closer together. After Wes and Munsch are attacked by the Green Meanie, Munsch suspects it might be a jealous Holt. Although, later he comes to her to suggest they have a secret affair, so he can still see Chanel.

Meanwhile, Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Chamberlain (James Earl) continue to stretch their detective skills by trying to find out where the Green Meanie’s costume was made. After setting a trap for the Green Meanie, they battle and manage to retrieve a sample. However, just like last season Zayday ends up out of her depth and because she doesn’t trust the police, she goes alone. She finds out three Green Meanie costumes were made, one purchased by a man and two by a women. She deduces that the women must be Jane Hollis – the wife of the patient who was left for dead on Halloween back in the 80’s and also Dr. Cascade’s (Taylor Lautner) mum. Zayday pays her a visit but is captured once again. scream-queens-green-meanie

The budding relationship between Zayday and Chamberlain is cut short when sadly Chamberlain is brutally murdered by none other than Wes. It turns out Grace ended up in Stanford Mental Asylum after the events of the first season. Wes blames the Chanel’s and came to the C.U.R.E. Institute to use the Green Meanie as cover for him killing them. When Chamberlain worked this out, Wes stabbed him multiple times in the chest.

Questions we still want to know; Will all the Chanel’s survive the next two episodes with both Hoffel (Kirstie Alley) and Wes targeting them? Will Zayday survive and escape Mrs. Hollis? How will Chanel and Wes react when they find out Holt and Munsch are having an affair? Will Holt be able to maintain control over his hand? How long will Hester last without a kill? If she hasn’t already. Which Green Meanie will be discovered first? And who will be next to die at the hands of … well … any of the serial killers on the hospital premises? Is there 4 or 5 running around now? It’s hard to keep track!

Did you enjoy the episode? Comment and let us know your theories of how this will all end.

Check out the clips for the next episode below:


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