Son of Zorn S1E8 ‘Return of the Drinking Buddy’

A flashback to Zorn’s past reveals his old drinking buddy. The office is celebrating and Zorn invites his violent old friend Headbutt-man. This character is definitely going to be a dangerous add to the episode.

Alan asks his crush to go to a party with him even though they are both unpopular. Zorn tells Edie and Craig that his terrible friend is going to stay with them. I have to wonder how this will affect Alan.

It turns out that Headbutt-Man has a daughter who is just as ugly as he is. Alan is forced to  bring Headbutt-Girl to the party even though he doesn’t want to. Headbutt-Man no longer parties and immediately fits in with Craig and Edie shocking Zorn. Of course Zorn is shocked, he just wants to party with his old friend.

Zorn brings his friend to the work party as Alan and Headbutt-Girl arrive at their party. Seeing everyone party Headbutt-Man orders a drink. For a man who claims to not drink he is way to quick to start drinking.

Headbutt-Man’s girlfriend and Edie know each other from Summer Camp. There is certainly tension in the room as we learn that they both dated the same guy. Humorously Craig calls the guy and they find out that he was an ass. Alan is afraid to swim with his friends because of his animated legs. This is a perfectly reasonable thing, but I think animated legs sound pretty cool.

If Headbutt-Man headbutts one more thing he could literally die. Zorn’s boss Linda suggests Headbutt-Man headbutt something. He wants to headbutt her truck. Clearly his brain doesn’t work.

Alan is kind to Headbutt-Girl but gets headbutted so Layla stays with him. Headbutt-Man’s girlfriend saves him and they are to head home the next morning. Zorn throws keys at him which hit him in the head and he falls back, hopefully he isn’t dead.

This show is great when it really fuses the two realities of these different worlds. I hope we see more of Zorn’s friends join him in the real world. This episode certainly added a nice layer of what Zorn was like when he was young which is good to strengthen his character.


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