Son of Zorn S1E9 ‘The War on Grafelnik’

Its Christmas time and Alan has to choose between Zorn and Edie for celebrating. Zorn tells them all about the story of Grafelnik which sounds just like Taken. It is rather humorous how they spin the story of Grafelnik but you can clearly see it is a Taken reference.

Craig runs away from a Santa wine cover. Don’t tell me he’s afraid of Santa? Meanwhile, Zorn sends Alan to a scary location for Grafelnik. Ah Zorn, as much as he cares for Alan he has no idea what danger is.

We find out that Craig is terrified of Santa after a terrible childhood moment. After hearing what scared him, I think anyone would be terrified of Santa.

Zorn and Alan have some fun Grafelnik time. Edie and Zorn both want to spend the holiday with Alan. Of course they do, they are both his parents and he is almost old enough to leave them. Craig goes to see Santa so he can get over his fear. He tries to sit on his lap but certainly can’t go through with it. Zorn buys Alan a hover side car when he asks. Edie is of course disgusted as anything Zorn gets is usually very dangerous.

Edie overhears Alan’s bragging about his plan and goes to see Zorn. Edie and Zorn go all Grafelnik on Alan to reach him a lesson. It is nice to see these two team up. Wouldn’t mind an episode flashback with Zorn and Edie in Zephyria.

Zorn goes to sack Santa’s village at the mall. Edie and Zorn fake fight and when Zorn lights the tree on fire Alan breaks. Edie and Zorn’s revenge worked but they terrified a good number of children. They even manage to send a Santa inflatable to the ground and it covers poor Craig. Craig thinks he is cured but soon runs off totally afraid.

Zorn brings out Zephyria killer bees as the final Grafelnik revenge. Definitely one of his most terrible ideas especially when as the episode ends you hear the characters scream.

I did enjoy this episode and think that it is always nice to think of crazy fake holidays. Sure this won’t be remembered like Festivus but I think it is interesting to bring revenge into the holiday season. Definitely works for an insane cartoon barbarian.


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