Studio Ghibli fans rejoice, a new Ghibli style film is on its way from the wonderful new Studio Ponoc!

Studio Ghibli the anime movie titan led by Hayao Myazaki might not be making movies like it used to but a new studio is working on something that might just fit the bill.

In a new movie based on a children’s book called the “Little Broomstick” which is called “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” in movie form we are treated to a Ghibli style adventure. It makes sense that this movie looks the way it does as a former Ghibli producer has started this studio.

The movie looks absolutely charming and tells a story of a little witch. She must deal with all sorts of terrible things just like any of the other Ghibli heroines. Even though we only got a brief glimpse of what the movie is about I am already excited. This looks to be a new generation of Ghibli style film which hopefully continues for years to come.

I have a feeling that once this movie comes out they will begin work on something else. The stories that Ghibli movies told were all about the power of women and that they can do anything. I think these types of movies need to be seen because they have this lesson entwined with the magic majesty of it all.

Watch the trailer below and tell me what you think of this new movie. Does it have the Ghibli magic in your opinion?


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