The Odd Couple S3 E5 ‘Miss England’

Dani has been given the job as Producer for Oscar’s show. This means Oscar will need a new assistant which troubles him. It would certainly trouble me to lose such a great assistant.

Felix freaks out about his girlfriend Emily afraid she is depressed. It does make sense as she came home from England to be with Felix but she had to give up something that wouldn’t come again to do so. Felix does all he can to cheer her up by having dinner with her on the terrace.

Oscar doesn’t like the assistant choices but Dani asks him to trust her. The new assistant is actually terrible for unforeseen reasons. It makes sense that this woman would be terrible as Dani did just sort of choose her. Just because she acts sweet doesn’t mean she can do well on the job.

Since his girlfriend misses England he brings her to an English Pub. This is a terrible idea as Felix only really knows of stereotypical oldschool England. She is right to be angry as she storms off.

Dani fires the terrible assistant with the help of Oscar and is happy with it all. Oscar knew she could do it because he knows how great she is.  Emily breaks up with Felix so she can be independent for awhile. Felix is now left alone depressed and tells his acting friends to stop trying.

Chris Bosh comes in to do an interview with Oscar and Felix hugs him because he is sad.


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