Autopsy reveals WWE Chyna’s cause of death


The wrestling world was quieted for a moment the day that legend Chyna had passed. This was such a shocker since the woman was in fantastic physical fitness and still very young.


Though it was suspected that this was not done from natural causes, the autopsy now has confirmed these allegations. Finding both drugs and alcohol in her system, and stating it was the combination of these two as the cause of death.


This may not come as much of a surprise to a lot of wrestling fans however. There have been news reports of Chyna having drug and alcohol problems after leaving the WWE and hooking up with one of her co-star wrestlers.


Most of us however choose not to remember her as such, but the WWE Women’s Champion. She was bold, fearless and could kick some major arse both guys and girls alike. No one would dare mess with her in or out of the ring. ^_^


Below I linked one of my favorite Chyna video below, the one when she arm-wrestles Vince McMahon! Please enjoy and remember her at her greatest and not her worst.



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