Ducktales reboot has cast David Tennant as the voice of Scrooge McDuck

“Ducktales, whoooooo, everyday they’re out thy’re making Ducktales, whooooo….”

I loved this cartoon when I was younger, but to hear they are doing a reboot kind of worried me since most reboots don’t quit make it….. But this one may have a chance since they are using a voice that a lot of nerd girls (and guys) are very fond of; I’m talking about David Tennant.

Now if you don’t know who David Tennant is then you should stop reading this right now, grab some food and a blanket with your most comfortable clothing on and look up Doctor Who on Youtube or just go buy it on DVD and be prepared to have your life changed. You may both thank me and curse me for this later but it was necessary……

Anywho….Tennant is chosen to play the role of the lovable Scrooge McDuck, which voice wise is a perfect fit, and since he does have a knack for lending his voice to audio children’s books, like how to train your pet dragon, I feel this is just wonderful to have him part of the cartoon I loved as a kid.

Enjoy the video below as he and others sing the Ducktales theme song. Its so much fun to watch and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. ^_^



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