Big Bang Theory S10 E11 ‘The Birthday Synchronicity’

It’s here the Fall Finale of Big Bang Theory and boy was it was a good one. Following the events of the previous episode Howard, Bernadette, Raj, and Stuart are off to the hospital. They think its time for the baby to be born but they jump the gun. Howard of course is the least helpful but his love for Bernadette redeems him.

Calling their friends they tell them not to come yet. Sheldon and Amy who were about to have her birthday sex are both excited to head home. To think Sheldon Cooper would be enjoying sex. Though this is stopped when Amy tells him she went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter without them. For someone who knows Sheldon so well, it surprises me that she went there without him.

Raj ends up spoiling the gender of Howard and Bernadette’s baby and is kicked out. He interrupts both of the other couples romantic times and they send him away. Soon, after they rush to the hospital. Even though they are all there of course it takes long time because no one can know when a baby will actually be born.

I really enjoyed seeing them talk about how far they have come with Raj always feeling down about himself. He finally feels better when Howard names him his daughter’s godfather.

They don’t get to see Bernadette which makes sense as she just had a baby. So the rest of the group looks for the new baby. It is humorous seeing them look for the baby when the babies all do look the same. Suddenly a cry rings out, a familiar cry in that it sounds like Mrs. Wolowitz. Looks like Little Hallie is Mrs.Wolowitz reincarnate.

This episode certainly was a good one that finally introduced the Wolowitz baby. After a whole half of a season dedicated to this baby, its time for the show to change once again. I am curious what story lines will appear in the new year and how the baby will change the lives of the characters. If it cries like Mrs.Wolowitz it certainly won’t make their lives any better. I did like the moment where Howard said he missed his mother and that she really would have been the best grandmother. Certainly this episode was a hint of what is to come and I’m excited to see the rest of the season.



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