Kerry Ehrin and Freddie Highmore Sell New Drama Pilot To A&E

A&E’s hit series Bates Motel is winding down with the last season to air soon, executive producer Kerry Ehrin and Freddie Highmore (Norman Bates) have recently sold a new drama pilot to A&E. Ehrin and Highmore are co-writing “Baby Face“, with Highmore set to star and both will serve as executive producers.


Baby Face” is based on an idea by Highmore and is a love story of a young couple rallying against the establishment in the throes of the Great Depression one of whom is “Baby FaceNelson. The drama will chronicle his rise from a small-time bootlegger and bank robber in Chicago to Public Enemy Number One, and ultimately his death at the age of 25. Baby Face ( Lester Joseph Gillis) was one of the United States most notorious figures during the 1930’s Prohibition Era. Highmore has been embracing his creative side of late, he has been spending a lot of time in the Bates Motel writers room, where in Season 4 he got his first writing credit for Episode 8 “Unfaithful.” Baby Face will give Highmore a chance to flex his ever growing talent as he tackle’s the notorious Baby Face Nelson who had been associated with the penal system from just the tender age of seven. Baby Face Nelson was born December 6,  1908, and by the age of 13 he began his criminal career, he spent the next few years in and out of juvenile facilities, he eventually earned the nickname “Baby Face” for his youthful appearance by his crime associates Baby Face Nelson stood five feet and four inches tall and weighed roughly around 133 pounds. He married 16-year-old Helen Wawzynak but called herself Helen Gillis, they had a son and daughter together.


Nelson graduated to adult prison in 1931 after robbing a bank in Chicago and was sentenced to one year but escaped custody while being transported to be tried for another bank robbery charge in February 1932. Nelson joined up with legendary criminal John Dillinger in 1934.  Nelson was almost caught that April while hiding out with the Dillinger Gang in Northern Wisconsin, but he shot his way out of the situation, killing an FBI Agent in the process. A  Police Officer was also killed during the Merchants National Bank in South Bend, Indiana and on July 22, 1934, Dillinger, himself was ambushed and killed by FBI agents, the following day J. Edgar Hoover announced that Nelson was the new “Public Enemy No.1” The FBI finally caught up with Nelson in November 27, 1934, he was spotted driving a stolen car and the agents gave chase and a brief gun battle ensued that left one agent dead and another agent wounded, who later died in hospital. Nelson was hit by 17 bullets in the standoff. On November 28, 1934, the 25-year-old succumbed to his injuries.


Highmore is incredibly talented and I have to say  I’m really looking forward to watching him make “Baby FaceNelson his own.

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