“Avengers: Infinity Wars” Has Set Production Date

One of the most anticipated Marvel movies to date has finally set itself a production date.


Omega Underground has revealed to fans that production of the blockbuster will begin January 23rd 2017, with the report continuing that shooting will begin in Atlanta, GA, and claiming that there will be shooting in London, UK for an unknown period of time.


Some fans are concerned, as Black Panther is scheduled to also begin production in January 2017. However, it’s been confirmed that Black Panther will kick off production at Pinewood Atlanta Studios on January 15th 2017 – the two projects will be in production at the same time. This is an incredible undertaking from Marvel, and leaves us wondering if there’s something in particular that means they must be shot at the same time – it could however just been the sheer size of the cast in Avengers: Infinity War. If they do wish to utilise Chadwick Boseman (42, Get on Up, Captain America: Civil War), he’s only right next door for his scenes – but we can only imagine filming one Marvel movie is draining enough, let alone being asked to work on two.


We already had some great teasers for Avengers: Infinity War before production even began – the Russo brothers have shared test and rehearsal scenes with Josh Brolin (Everest, Hail, Caesar!, Guardians of the Galaxy), who has been cast as Thanos, alongside photos of potential filming locations that featured a winding staircase that got fans instantly thinking this was for a scene for Doctor Strange. The Russo’s also shared a video of a prop being created using a 3D printing process, stereolithography – prototypes from this method are extremely strong, and can be used to make master patterns for molding, thermoforming and a tonne of metal casting processes.


For now, however, we will have to wait until production begins to get more insight onto this massive project, and see where these teasers are fitting in.

Avengers: Infinity War is scheduled for release May 4th 2018.



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