Dynasty Warrior 9 finally announced

It’s finally be announced that Dynasty Warrior 9 is in development. There is not a lot of information that has been given apart from that the gameplay will be revisited to a point the game will be more enjoyable and also for the first time, we will finally have an open world instead of point A to B. 

You’ll still have a big roaster of 85 playable characters from each factions you’re choosing but I do hope the multi player will be considerably upgraded to another level compare to the other titles. 

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force are planning to do big this but haven’t in which platforms it will be lunch ( probably Playstation 4 if I’m honest ) but for sure, they will need to do big to bring back the game to the top level of pleasure as it used to since the 5th Dynasty Warrior!! 

Stay tunes with us to have more info about it when it will be available.

Peace out.


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